+ What is Hand-reading or Palmistry?

Hand-reading or Palmistry is a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago. In ancient times Palmists used to consider only lines on the palms to ‘predict’ or for ‘fortune telling’. Palmistry has come a long way over the centuries from the fairground gypsy’s film-flam, to the highly educated scientific practitioners and ‘hand analysts’ of today. Hand Analysts analyze your entire hands and the process is called ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’.

+ Elaborate ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’?’

‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ is the art and science of practicing analyzing entire hands of a person that consist of three things:

  1. Shapes of hands
  2. Lines on the palms
  3. Fingerprints to assess personality, health conditions, to reveal Life Purpose”

These are three main keys of information which are used to unfold your uniqueness in the process of ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ which is learnable, teachable repeatable based upon thousands of hands studied. Hand Analysts look at your hands to know what is happening in your life now. You don’t need to be psychic or intuitive to learn this art and science. ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ is non-predictive. It is not ‘fortune telling’. In ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ there is no role of guess work and no psychic pretense is required in it. It is a science and art that allows hand analysts to get a true personality snap shot of you, a true version of your reality.

Science Never Lies! Fingerprints, the most important part of ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ reveal your unique story of who you are and why you are here.

‘Scientific Hand analysis’ is the present time version of the ancient art of palmistry. In present time the hand analysts analyze both the hands and while analyzing through entire hands seeks to further self- understanding. A complete scientific hand analysis shows you who you are today and who you can be; because each pair of hands are a self portrait drawn from deep within. It reveals your potentialities. Your Personality plus ‘Your Life Purpose’ reveal your potentiality, your inherent capacity for growth or development. I say don’t go for prediction go for potentialities.

All aspect of your both the hands are examined and discussed to determine and to show you your uniqueness, your truth, your talent, your blind spot, your weakness where you should be fully aware of; besides revealing your basic temperament during the ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ session whether in person or in the on-line-written-report. By comparing the original imprint revealed in your fingerprints with the dynamic map of your personality and character shown in the lines and hand topography, a hand reading gives perspective to your current circumstances in relation to the big picture of your life story. It is not job or business description; it is the description of the essence of your life journey.

As no marker is absolute on the palms of the hands and each marking in your hand has a tangible and concrete purpose, so, the other aspects must be considered to reach at a conclusion. The aspects those are considered in a complete ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ are:

  1. SHAPE OF HANDS: that includes palm and hand shape:
  2. SKIN QUALITY: that includes texture, color and hair,
  3. FLEXIBILITY OF HANDS: at joints
  5. FINGERNAILS that includes: color, morphology, structure of nail
  6. THE MOUNTS OR MOUNDS: that includes study of mounts on palms
  7. LINES ON THE PALMS –major and minor lines
  8. YOUR GIFT MRKERS – on the palms of the hands
  9. FINGERPRINTS: including ridges on the palms of the hands

+ You talked about Fingerprints. What do my fingerprints identify?

Your fingerprints represent a blueprint for your life. This is a part of the system of hand analysis developed by one Mr. Richard Unger based on the International Institute of Hand Analysis’s system of assessing your ‘Life School, ‘Life lesson’ and ‘Life Purpose’ from your fingerprints. Your fingerprints reveal astonishing valuable information about you, encoded in your fingerprints even 5 months before your birth.

+ What is ‘Your Life School’?

‘Your Life School’ is the base or foundation of your ‘Life Purpose Pyramid’ where you err and learn to deal with your challenges and opportunities. Here, we need the necessary skills to pilot the annoying and unpleasant things, direct or manage carefully and safely like the give-up, rejection or dismissal to reach at the level two of the pyramid ‘Your Life Lesson’. Life School exists so that you can develop an ability needed to more fully live ‘Your Life Purpose’ going through ‘Your Life Lesson’.

+ What is ‘Your Life Lesson’?

Your Life Lesson is your shadow view of ‘Your Soul Psychology’. It means something that causes misery whether a person or fear, a curse, a severe affliction or your ‘I just can’t get rid of it anyway’- issue that could cause extensive destruction that could ruin your prospects of progress utterly and that could check your general growth. You may be ignoring it. You must be fully aware of 'Your Life Lesson’. If you deal successfully or win a victory over there your Life Lesson with calmness and grace to the best of your ability, you are allowed to have an all time enjoyment and feel blessed. ‘Your Life Lesson’ is the main discovery to your life.

+ What do you mean by ‘Your Life Purpose’?

Your Life Purpose is what you came here to perform during your stay in the world. It is the reason for your being. Your Life Purpose defines what is important. Your Life Purpose in your fingerprints confirms your own sense of who you are and what your life is all about. It is not job or business description. It is the description of the essence of your life journey. Your Life Purpose is in fact true you yourself who when live effortlessly the life you were meant to live. It denotes your area of greatest potential and fulfillment. This deep information is derived from your fingerprint patterns. Fingerprints never change. The single most important perception by the human mind in the world is to know your ‘Life Purpose’ and living it.

+ What are the basic ideas for fingerprints in ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’?

The two basic ideas which scientists believe about fingerprints are:

  1. Fingerprints never change.
  2. No two fingerprints are alike.

Fingerprints differ from person to person based upon distinctive patterns of ridges. There are only four basic types of fingerprints but, to study these profoundly we have classified these into seven different finger print patterns used for identification purposes. These are shown below with their symbols and ranks.

These are: 1. Whorl, 2. Composite Whorl, 3. Peacock, 4. Loop, 5. Loop/Tented Arch, 6. Tented Arch and 7. Arch type.

  1. Whorl Symbol = and Rank= 4
  2. Composite Whorl Symbol = and Rank =3.9
  3. Peacock Symbol = and Rank =3.5
  4. Loop Symbol = and Rank =3
  5. Loop/Tented Symbol = and Rank =2.5
  6. Tented Arch Symbol = and Rank =2
  7. Arch type Symbol = and Rank =1

Other fingerprints which are not commonly seen and given symbol as mentioned. Radial Loop = that opens towards thumb and commonly found is Ulnar Loop that opens towards little finger ranked 2.5.

+ How Do You Determine ‘My Life Purpose’ and ‘My Life Lesson’ from My Fingerprints?

You have particular patterns on your all finger tips which have numerically ranking according to the complexity of its shape. The fingerprint with the most complex pattern receives the highest numerical ranking. The finger where the complex fingerprint appears determines what your unique ‘Life Purpose’ is. Accordingly, the fingerprint with the simplest pattern receives the lowest numerical ranking. The finger where the simplest fingerprint appears determines what your ‘Life Lesson’ is. In this way, your ‘Life Purpose’ and ‘Life Lesson’ are determined by your most complex and the most simple fingerprint patterns. I will let you know what your ‘Life Purpose’ and ‘Life Lesson’ are by analyzing your fingerprints.

Your ‘Life School’, ‘Life Lesson’ and ‘Life Purpose’ are well expressed in the condensed form in the following short poem written by me.

‘Life School’= Level 3 ‘Life Lesson’= Level 2 ‘Life Purpose’= Level 1

Your ‘Life School’ is the foundation of your ‘Life Purpose’ pyramid Where you err and learn through miseries, as how to hope; And having gone through your ‘Life Lesson’ The level two, you reach at the top. The level two your ‘Life Lesson’ is shadow view of your Soul Psychology, Try to win a victory over there your weakness to be real happy. Your ‘Life Lesson’ denotes your curse, distress where you can go wrong, Your ‘avoided area’ where you need to be fully aware of as what to long, You can ring-out doubts, sorrows, regret and pain, Ring-in rewards, peace, joy and gain; By living Your ‘Life Purpose’ which convey what to do, You can earn just as well and live your passion too. Known by your fingerprints, formed before your birth; Denote what you came here to perform on this Earth. That is your most meaningful ‘Life Purpose’ you would like to kiss, Aha! That is your ‘Soul’s Calling’ and not less than bliss.

-Parender Sethi


+ How much time the ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ generally takes?

The ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ session generally lasts anywhere between 60 minutes to 1 and a half hours.

+ What really happens there during the scientific hand Analysis session?

Well, I have a scanner and personal computer in my work place. I get your both palms of the hands scanned and save it there on the desktop. Then I write down your basic information there on a printed form, like your name, gender, age, whether right handed or left handed and about your qualification etc. Then I start analyzing your pair of hands by establishing the combinations between all the 3 keys i.e. your formation of the hands, your fingerprints and the lines on the palms of the hands using my past experience and personal talent to know ‘Your Life Purpose’ and ‘Life Lesson’ and during the hand analyzing session I write all major important things about you which I observe. I answer to your questions too during the session. I give you those written papers to you at the end of the session when you are about to leave my work place.

+ What are the facts on which the ‘Scientific Hand Analysis’ is based.

Experts in Medical journals identify that Human hands develop creases on the palms of their hands in the womb at around the 12th week of gestation and fingerprints are formed five months before the birth of the children. These never change and are present on a baby’s hand when he or she is born. No two people have the same fingerprints not even if they are identical twins. Fingerprints are more unique than your DNA, which makes your unique identify.

Scientists have also found that the* lines on our hands are a map of the major neural pathways of our brain* – when our neural pathways change, our lines change too.

This is a scientific fact that fingerprints never change; lines change as per our attitudes, acts and experiences. Both main keys Lines (Free Will) and Fingerprints (Destiny) offer true versions of your reality. Both were made for each other. Your hands contain information about your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Your hands especially your fingerprints give astonishing information about you.

New lines can appear and old lines can disappear. Lines can become longer, shorter, curvier, straighter, thinner or deeper. Hand shape and finger length and width among each other can also change. Size of finger sections can get wider or thinner, longer or shorter.

+ I am scared that you can tell me something bad?

You don’t need to be scared at all even a little bit. I have explained above what Scientific Hand Analysis is all about. Your hands are the visible part of your brain. In fact, your hands mirror your psyche. You’ll also find out what level of professionalism and care you can expect from me during your session and in any program you enroll in, whether in person or in written Hand Analysis Report. The Testimonials are self expressive. Absolutely, nothing is more important than knowing and living ‘Your Life Purpose’ and above all, knowing ‘Your Life Lesson’ is the main discovery of your life. This is your Blind Spot where you should be fully aware of and where you should have to win a victory over to be real happy. I help you to know yourself better so that you can live your life to your full potential passionately you were meant to live and enjoy.

+ What do the Lines in My Hands Show?

The lines on your palms of the hands show your distinctive style of thinking, feeling, behaving. These denote your communicating style with others like of your emotional states, your intuitive understanding of something, and your capacity of reasoning, how you take things or incidents as well as your special gifts (abilities or qualities) such as writing, healing or teaching. It also reveals your focus, continuity of purpose, occupation or profession career path at different ages. These also show your physical stamina level that is a typical of you! The lines show your incredible potential and where you are holding yourself back. These are your inner friends and inner enemies.

Based on what you learn, you can make proper concrete decisions about specific areas of your life because knowing this information allows you to understand who you are and who you are meant to be.

+ Do the Lines in My Hands Change and what Cause the Lines in My Hands to Change?

Yes, lines on your palms of the hand change according to your attitude, acts and experiences. Your brain sends more information to your hands than any other part of your body and your hands record that information which is the result of your attitude, acts and experiences. The formula is very simple: “If it is in your hands it is in your life”. The changing lines are the barometers of your progress or deterioration. Your feelings, fears, worries, thoughts or focus on a specific issue, your conscious or unconscious beliefs.

The practical application of palmistry is recognized that we can exercise our free will in more informed and effective ways. And each time that we take a new positive direction in our lives, we will see this confirmed in the corresponding changes in the lines and signs on our hands. The quite opposite is also possible when we suffer loss or have bad experience or a deep dissatisfaction. So, even experience of trauma can change the lines on your palms of the hands. The Changing Lines are the barometers of your progress or deterioration.

People with too many lines are easily influenced, because their receptivity potentiality is powerful. People with many spidery lines often are over-stimulated, excitable, and frightful. So, ‘cleaner the hand, the calmer the mind’, they may be hard working more, comparatively to the persons who have too much fine lines on their palms of the hands, but, are less creative or visionary. The lines on the palms of the hands show where you are efficient. Lines can show changes, and most lines can appear or disappear completely. All depends upon your will and as how you take the things. The changes in the minor or influence lines are very common. A lot of people may see those changes happen on their palms within only a couple of weeks. To live a proper life you must have lines on your palms of the hands in proper ratio.

The lines or ‘wiring’ on your palm show your true inner self and the quality of your thinking, communication skill, emotions and how you react to the outer world. These show the working of your brain. Much of the lines on the palms make changes as per your mental makeup, feelings, attitudes and your acts. The quality of the lines or the character of the lines matters a lot too. By this I mean their clarity; whether these are clean or defective, superficial and light or are in depth, whether they are even, whether normally in good formation or are defective. Your palms are the visible parts of your brains. The lines may contain some ‘Gift Markers’ too.

+ What are Gift Markers?

There are some signs on the palms of the hands that could increase the powers or good qualities in a person. The signs of ‘stars’ to which hand analysts take as the sign of ‘gifts’ on the palms of the hands are formed by intersecting of three lines creating six points in all. It must be independent to have its full value. Its presence at the particular place on the palms of the hands denote present of some special, distinctive quality, ability or capacity, natural endowment, extra potentialities or talents in a person, but ‘supports’ comes from elsewhere on the palm to make full use of it and that is essential; especially the support of good deep uncut Head Line. Possessing of such type of Head Line is a real gift in itself. It will be proper if we call stars as the signs of ‘power’ instead of calling them ‘gift’ signs.

Your Gifts can be known by getting your hands analyzed. In this way you can get unveiled the uniqueness of your personality. There are 17 Gift markings by last count and depending on where they show up in your palm denote what the gifts are and the gift markers show up for you to use it otherwise you may find yourself at penalty side. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have gift marker, you are not gifted, it means you will not be at penalty side if you.

+ What Is The Benefit of Scientific Hand Analysis or Why Might I Decide to Have a ‘Scientific Hand Analysis Session’?

In every aspect of your life like in Career, Relationship, Finance, Physical Health and Balance (of Work, Family and Play) you need proper scientific approach in taking appropriate decisions that are best for you and that ultimately decide your destiny.

There are many benefits for having a scientific hand analysis session. These are the Main Benefits of Hand Analysis.

  1. Your Life Purpose provides a “road map” which when you use can significantly reduces or eliminates the stress of indecision or fear of a wrong choice when facing major decisions in life.
  2. Your Life Purpose re-enforces the sense of peace joy and satisfaction that comes from spending more time, money and energy in areas that is congruent with your purpose.
  3. Knowing your Life Purpose will help chart the path toward making a difference in the world.
  4. This allows you to focus more clearly on what matters most to you.
  5. Clarifying your life purpose becomes the key to unlocking your passion for life. Passion is essential for success.
  6. It can bring fulfillment in your life. By grasping the significance of knowing your Life Lesson’s role in your life you can access the fulfillment that only living your Life Purpose can bring.
  7. When you live on your life purpose you become unstoppable. The longer you live true to your life purpose the more you allow your purpose to shape your life. You find that a little patience, coupled with persistence would go a long way.
  8. You know your ‘avoided area’ where you need to be fully aware of and where you have to win a victory over there to be real happy.
  9. When you leave your session, you have concrete information and practical steps that you can apply right away. After a session you can start self-correcting the illusions you hold about yourself. In this way you can open the door to fulfilling your potential of who you really are.

+ Would you like to make the next phase of your life the best ever living phase i.e. living ‘Your Life Purpose’?

Yes? It’s good! Share my life time experiences and insights to help you uncover your unique purpose, passion, and to honor the life you have. I will strongly advise you to get your hands analyzed scientifically, if you haven’t so far and Enjoy Happy Life!