What Clients say about Parender

Hi Sethi Sir, Wow! Thanks a lot for analyzing our hands and deciphering our Life Purpose and Life Lesson in a written report. We were waiting very anxiously for that. This is astonishing how much is revealed from reading a hand only. It seems you know us from last many years. We will do exactly as you have advised us. We are happy and satisfied. That was our best investment in our life.
— Jennifer (North Carolina, USA)
Mr. Sethi, all your explanations are perfect. You have actually read about what’s going on in my mind currently. I was worrying unnecessarily. A deep heart felt thank you. Your words have ignited a spark of strength in me. Thanks a lot. Regards.
— Siddhartha (Nepal)
Dear Sir, Tears rolled on to my cheeks as i read the report, which is so accurate as if you were watching my life closely. Astonished by knowing the fact that, by looking at my hands, you can actually see my life very closely. My sincere Pranams to you Sir. I value your consultancy. Thank you Sir, Sincerely
— Lakshmi (USA)
Hi Sethi, Thank you so much for analyzing my palms. It was accurate. Good luck with your book. Do keep us posted on its progress; I’ll be the first one to buy it!
— Dennis (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Dear Parender Sethi, Thank you very much for your thorough analysis. You were right. I really want to thank you for your wise advice as well. I’ve read the analysis a couple of times and going to read it more to understand it better. Really impressed. Need some time to think it over. And of course you really made me feel Ok. Thanks for the charge of confidence as well. Your friend and grateful listener,
— Pavel (Russia)
Hi Sethi, I really appreciate your knowledge. You are absolutely right to a ‘T’. It seems you are sitting in my head and reading my life very smoothly.
— Robert (UK)
Hi Mr. Sethi, your prediction is absolutely correct. Thanks for your accurate prediction.
— Stalin (Tamil Nadu, India)